New Face of Mekong Y-Farm: A Story of Fai

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     My background, I have personally developed an interest in the environmental issues since childhood because of learning and absorption from my father’s works as well as from his personal vision and daily practices. He inspired me and made me strong intention to study and also involved the career concerning with the environmental and social development. So, upon graduating from high school,I applied for and was accepted by Kasetsart University to an undergraduate program in Environmental Engineering. Kasetsart University is one of the top three universities in Thailand, particularly in engineering field of study.

     Many of my friends who graduated engineering were working in business companies which were high salary and serve for the business system. On the other hand, I had intended from the beginning that I have to work concerning the environment issue, while aims to work for the benefit to the public as much as possible. By started working with small salary as a project coordinator at the Media Center for Development Foundation (MCDF), a non-profit environmental organization (NGOs). This organization was founded more than 20 years and outstanding about working in the field of sustainable development, environmental conservation with community residents and the self-reliance consumption with non-chemical. During my first working year, I was in charge of the project called “Recycle Paper for Trees” with the objective of making urban dwellers especially those in the business sectors aware of how they can help environment with the waste paper. People bring waste paper for recycling which not only to make use of waste paper but help reduce huge paper garbage as well as tree cutting business for paper pulp mills. Moreover, it helps saving energy and reducing carbon in the atmosphere. I engaged in fundraising events for about two years among donors mostly from private companies and over 300 leading industrial factories as well as city people who used lots of paper daily. The raised funds were used to support the activities of residents in the rural provinces on the environmental conservation and the recovery of natural resources.

     Last on, I actively played role in the learning center called “Grandpa City Farm Learning Center”, the MCDF’s eco-house- eco community project mobilizing urban dwellers to produce organic food and renewable energy in order to promote self-sufficiency in urban area. The project gained popularity among the Bangkokian. As a result of rapidly increasing of trainees, the in-house training programs had to be extended to basic need training via mobile units by providing exhibitions to educate and to raise public awareness. In those two projects, I have opportunities to develop my skills promoting self- sufficient knowledge on basic need making and non-chemical consumption such as urban gardening, making natural soap, natural shampoo and natural toothpaste, solar cooking box making and waste water reuse etc. However, environmental issues are harder than my present knowledge and capacities. It’s time to learn more.

     I studied MSc. Urban Environmental Technology Management, Wageningen, the Netherlands last two years. I did my thesis about reusing organic waste management by animal feeding. I have gained enormous knowledge and perception on sustainable technologies and other valuable issues from many courses. I have learnt about technological aspects related to the management of energy, water and materials in urban For example, integration of environmental technologies into the design of urban spaces at different scales (building, neighborhood, district, and city).

     After my graduation, I had an opportunity to join WWOOF program. I was a volunteer in a permaculture farm with a couple of Dutch farmers for 2 weeks. I was really appreciated when I joined that program. I have learned a lot about permaculture and Dutch farming there. I adapt some ideas to my farm in Thailand, However, I still would love to learn more about organic agri-culture/farming in South East Asia where the climate and environment are similar in Thailand. I am sure that I can learn more practical farming skill. Also, I can exchange my experience to the local/host too.

    Now I have an opportunity to be a volunteer in Y farm program. I hope I would share my experience with a host. Moreover, I am totally sure I can use all of my capacity to work with you. Finally, both of knowledge and experience that I will gain from Y farm program will be useful for me and of Y- Farm network in Future.

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