New Face of Mekong Y-Farm: A Story of Han

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Writer by: Hsu Htoo (Eric), Myanmar Participant

     Mr. Han Doan Truong, one of my friends from Vietnam for this Yfarm scholarship internship program 2017. He graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Education since 2016. Moreover, he was a member of Communist Youth Union of the Faculty of History, HCMC University of Pedagogy (2012-2014) and he did a lot of volunteer/community activities; joined Cycling through Viet Nam – love connecting journey for 1800km on bicycle (2013); he was a member then became a leader of Project Department of ECO Vietnam Group (2014-2016), an NGO that works for sustainable development of rural areas especially on Mekong Delta region.

     Where he studied university, he worked for ECo Vietnam Group, The E stands for Education, and Co for Community, our organization mainly aims at teaching the young people (usually college students) through doing the society activities and improving the community at rural areas, they use the financial supports from overseas partners and create projects, that means the Vietnamese volunteers work with the foreign partners to improve life conditions of the poor people at needed places. And all of us including volunteers from both sides, the local people and we-the ones who connect them learn what we head for. He chose this NGO because of their promises to the community and they did, 1 years being a member and 1 year as a project department leader taught me a lot of things, such as how the climate change affect the lives of people at Mekong Delta river areas, the invasion of salt water (Which almost all districts of Tra Vinh province suffered, even the Tra Vinh city), the unsustainable river water level, children without education because of poverty… and what can he do. Those had opened my eyes wider day by day and still.

     Therefore, as a part of community he want to contribute more for the society no matter where. He planned and ran a library community from the beginning at Phong Thanh commune, Cau Ke district, Tra Vinh province, Vietnam and he had a hearted fill-in plan for the community garden inside the library yard but he never had a chance to launch it, so if it is suitable maybe they can improve it, make it real, bring the real value for the community, together.

     He always want to learn more about sustainable development that he could apply for the community he served by the time he was at my former organization (ECo Vietnam Group) and give some ideas to improve next project as an alumni. Second, referring the way to develop agriculture from other culture to improve his family farm, include develop network of farmers and agricultural tourist. Third is to meet, exchange with some awesome people from the world, and so far, he can engage young people who interest with agriculture as a trend. Fourth, enrich my lore to be more mature.

     He will be eligible to join at our Y farm scholarship internship program 2017. He is healthy, active and willing to learn in our course. I think he will work very dutifully and diligently. That’s why he shall do his best to participate efficiently and conscientiously at Y farm scholarship internship program 2017. I hope that he will be awarded to participate in this Y farm scholarship internship program 2017. Beside, the host farm is highly appreciated by my friend, Mr. Han Doan Truong from Vietnam for helpful cooperation if the mobility of this candidate is successfully accomplished. I believe he is an excellent candidate for this Y farm scholarship internship program 2017 and I highly appreciated that you consider him, as he will be a great asset to this Y farm program 2017.

Yangon, June 2017

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