Mekong Y -Farm: When I am in Mekong Nomad

Written: Khem Davon (Cambodian) and Hsu Htoo (Burmese)

On 6 of July, today is fourth day for us. This morning we do that planting for small garden with together. We have to breakfast and we visited local market in Si Muang Mai District. And we went one of the organic learning center which is supported by government from Minisitry of Agriculture. Moreover we went to visit and learn some plants and some seeds. We got the realistic planting how to plan the rice at this learning center. We have the lunch there. Then we go back Mekong Nomad Farm house and farm. At Night, we ate dinner and do reflection.

On 7 of July, by final reflection at Nomad studio we found 4 main point related to Y-Farm on Mekong Region:


For YLC youths, kids and villager are engagement to working with better community. They are starting to worry and care about culture as spiritual, history, map of community and other related. RRD house the youths to be guide tour for farm in community visit and they starting to plant more tree and vegetable surrounding the village and especially they form group to do farm together in village that can save their money from labor for example R Rom Dee house was produced butterfly pea juice for drink instead of industries/factories juice and now they started to advertising their local product and promoted into local/provincial exhibition. For other one is Asoke community the community members was produce such as vegetables, rice, sweet, natural medicine, handmade product and other product by organic for food support whole community members and assesse to marketplace as Asoke had vegetarians restaurant in the city. For BBHS+PLCS is the public school what got popular with organic farm that can support for lunch time at school in Thailand they was produce such as compost, vegetable, feed to pet, mushroom and other. And Ta Mui village is the village is successful and strong for gain to dam construction with Thai’s government. They are mobilized/engagement villager to advocacy for stop dam construction and fire fish in the river. For the last one MNF we was study about permaculture gardening and plant many vegetable in farm with 8 candidate from Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand.


RRD’s house is the organic farm with good management from villager and they include organic training (organic farm non chemical, original seeds and organic product), organic tour and good marketing strategy with marketplace (green market, organic famous and exchange product) and good arrangement that they can combine color and combine vegetable. For the Asoke community they do organic farm, organic product for sale, combine tree, organic restaurant and organic food. For the last one Nomad Farm is the popular place that sale the organic product such as vegetable, lemon, chicken, duck, pig, fish and produce disk shampoo for sale. All the produce are non-chemical, potential in organic market and exchange knowledge to local and international farmer.

Climate Change

Youths Learning center is the best place for learning and exchange with youths, kids and villager. They are working focus on environmental management and how to effective their activities and community. Tamui village is working on maintain the forest, do/don’t rule should agree (forest,dam…) and how to protect and defend for disasters. For Mekong Nomad farm is focus on organic farm, plant the tree more and climate change.

Farmer way of life

Farmer are known how to make compost, planting, plant water and good relationship with animal (buffalos) is the most that we working and traditional farming are replaced by technology farming. Stimulated food production by using chemical and effect to environment soil, river, forest and air and farmer health.

Thailand, July 2017

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