Story of Toto- Thailand



Written by: Leakhena, Cambodia Participant

Toto is Young farmer in Thailand

“Farming is a life. I think we produce a vegetable then we eat it. and it will be part of our body and our life. When I am doing farming, it hot and dry. Sometimes I don’t like it, but I know we have to co-creation together. I do not understand why farmer use a lot of Chemical that so harmful for everything.”

This is the young farmer` s Mr. Sompong Woragool, called Toto, from Thailand. The first question he would ask: Why I want to be a farmer? What is the value of farming, it was since he was a university student until he has got a book name is Fukuoka, talked about Pun Pun Organic farm for the earth building, gardening, and seed saving. He might have realized himself and what is the favorite about the connection of nature and farming. It is not everyone can be a farmer, it is very difficult for him and he enters back to the Master`s degree for his career because he needs the budget to do the gardening. It is the first step for him to become a farmer, first, he was starting to collect the native seed from many places and sold them. he feels fall in love with the variety of seeds and confident to do the gardening, and biggest decision-making to quite master degree, instead of doing gardening. He was starting with a small garden which has plucking the weeds, supplementary fertilizers, bedding, and planting. There is a different type of seeds in a small garden, it is good for the symbiotic interaction between the distinctive species. He felt proud even it small thing, and continue to put some organic material in the soil to becoming of crumbly soil. Then when he was trying to pull the weed out in the garden, he said: “WOW MY SOIL IS VERY SOFT”.  Toto, the first thinking for my first step become a farmer is humility, kindness, and believe that all life (people, insects, weeds, and vegetable) in the earth living together and everyone equality. Gardening and nature make him changing and thinking sharing to other people. He just gives the water and fertilizer the vegetable might be able to grow, and the plant will growing up by themselves. It is very useful that you feed the people with the organic products. There are 10% of vegetable he shares to the poor people in the community. when people are happy with the organic vegetable, it is s strengthen for him to do more forward.

17th July 2017 it is the time Toto have to meet the friends in Mekong delta from the Mekong Region, build a network, and exchange the experiences to each other. He wants to see and learn from a small farm and small farmer is working together with nature. Time is coming to build the spirit of young farmer connect with the nature from the young farmers of Mekong river.

Toto will take these opportunities to share and learn from other friends which are starting to improve together on chemical, pesticide, pollutions, and poverty are always in agriculture. we have to work together and advocate the organic farming to everyone take the interested and understand the value of it.

Toto would like to upgrade the career on food forest, biological control (weed and pest control), native seed conservation, and management in planting, harvesting and food processing.

Phnom Penh, July 2017


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