A Story of Ms. Laos’s Participant through Mekong Y-Farm, Phantamixay

Written by: Sompoong Woragool, Thai Participant

“Farming is my interesting. But, why I do not start to do it now?”

Phanthamixay Ladsamy (Mee) is friend from Laos. She sends some pictures to me, for introduce herself. In the pictures, she was picking some vegetables from her lovely garden. Below picture she wrote some phrase “Take time to do what makes your soul happy.”

Mee is graduated in B.Sc. in the field of Environmental and M.Sc. in the field of Managing Natural Resource from Faculty of Forestry National University of Laos. She was a volunteer to promote for communities awareness in environmental. Now, she is working as freelance on developing livelihood and primary education on conservation.

Mee is interested in farming. She saw her family and cousin are working on farm very hard. So, she would like to develop the farming on her land. Her parents are working in the government. They pay the time to do the garden on holiday and free time after work. On theirs farm have both trees and animals. Now they are getting too old and have some illness. Due to these reasons, Mee would like to be continued and starting on farming. She wants to develop her communities.

She tries to start the easy works on her farm, such as grows vegetables, feeds the chicken and ducks by using some basic technology to help.

Finally, she said that “she is working in development the social economic. She wants to improve her village with her skill. In the future, she can open her garden as the agricultural center’’.

Thailand, July 2017

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