When Being Y-Farm’s Volunteer

Written by: Nhu Huong, Can Tho University

Being a YFarm’s volunteer is my most pleasure time I have enjoyed every moment and is one of my golden opportunities in my student life as well. Despite having only three days together, three interns from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and I gained a whole bunch of meaningful things.

I really appreciate all characters and plans that each person has. For Leakhena- a Cambodian intern- she is nurturing a lot of great farming plans so that she can help her community become better and better, in other word, the villagers can earn sustainable income by doing eco-tourism or agri-tourism. I have a strong belief that after coming back, she will find an ideal farm to do all she is planning. For Mee- Laos intern- She is deeply interested in the environment, which is inspired by her parents, I think, because they work in the government, however, they love gardening and farming very much. And now, she is doing on farm instead her parents. She asked me whether I would like to live a simple life by growing vegetables, feeding poultry, etc when I was retired. I was smiling because I did not think my life would be like that before. Her question made me think a lot. And now, I will give her my answer, “yes”, of course, after this three-day journey with three of you, I am inspired much do care more our environment and close more to the nature. For Toto- Thailand intern- he brings me a lot of new thoughts on being a farmer. He is encouraged by the book written by a Japanese farmer- Fukuola. He is a special farmer-I suppose – who respect the environment and respect the natural rule that everything in the Earth should live together and in an equal way.

Through what we shared and what we experienced, I had a good chance to open a new horizon which is quite simple and I have forgotten. Formely, I and most of my university friend are also, just focus on our major that we ignore our environment and accept the food market which is not good for our health. We all know that but we do not have any action. The word “organic food” is something new for us. But right now, everything is changing, including my mind. And I will send these messages I gain from three of you for all my friends. Toto, Leakhena and Mee, you are not alone, all of you always have me stand by side to inspire and raise people’s awareness of the safe food and build our community better. You do not need to say that “no one does it, so I will do it”. Because this is no longer a problem for individual, non-profit organization, but for society as a whole.

Thanks to this trip, I find a rope linking between my future job and my passion on the organic food that three of you inspire me. And teaching farm is the most ideal and suitable thing for me. Being a teacher of English in the future, I will have more things not only teaching a language, I realize my mission is not teaching, but is educating instead. And by teaching farm, I can do it completely. Many meaningful things come my mind like organizing outdoor activities by visiting teaching farms or connecting my related lessons to the environment or the organic food. My student will be absorbed not only the knowledge but also practicality.

In conclusion, I would like to send a big thanks for “Y-farm”, “YSELI seed for the future” that created this trip for all of us. Thanks for all friends who are have strong passion on farming. I will always appreciate and this will be my unforgettable memory in my whole life. Thank you again.

Can Tho, July 2017

Huong is second from the right side during walking and learning in one vegetable community in Soc Trang, July 2017. Photo by: Ly Quoc Dang.

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