My Intern Time in Vientiane of Laos’s Organic Farm

Written by: Karatchanok Hutapaed, Thai Participant

I had a chance to meet Sang and U don. They are both volunteers and contributors of Naree’s farm. They taught me how to make non-toxic insecticides. I blended between ginger, chilies and garlic together. Then, I mixed all ingredient with water or diluted liquid soap. After that, I sprayed my handmade non-toxic insecticides to baby lettuces.

I am spraying non toxic insecticides to baby lettuce.

After that, I met another volunteers ( Kai and Ped ). They are intern who stay in Naree’s farm for 2 months. They showed me how to make organic composting. Actually,a method of making organic composting in this farm is similar to a method in Thailand. However, there are some different ingredient such as black soldier fly larvae and beer waste which are mixed into the composting.

Kai and Ped are showing me how to make organic composting.

The rest of the day, Sang showed me how raising bees. There are two bees’ hives or houses in Naree’s farm. He surprised me by harvesting honey bee without protection. Unfortunately, I was scared to help him for harvesting. Thus, I just waited and try fresh and sweet honey.

Sang is harvesting honey by free hand.

On 10 of July was my last day of my voluntary work in Vientiane. In the morning, I helped Kai (Laotain intern student in Naree’s farm) fed chickens. In according to the farm would like change conventional chicken to be natural chicken by changing chicken feed. Thus, we had to feed three group of chickens by different food. First group of chickens are fed by a mixture of vegetable, black soldier fly larvae and corn. Second group of chickens are fed by a mixture of black soldier fly larvae and corn. Last group of chickens are fed by 100% of chicken food from factory.

Kai is mixing chicken food in three different group.

Chickens are very happy with a mixture of vegetable and black soldier fly larvae.

After feeding chickens, I and Kai did watering cucumber field and gave them natural fertilizer. It took around 2-3 hours for finishing this work because we need to make a hole for each plant. Then, we gave them a cup of natural fertilizer in the hole. A benefit of making a hole is each plant can easily absorb neutralizer.

At Lunch, we had a special meal for today. Ped, another Laotain intern student in Naree’s farm, he cooked a local and homemade Laos food from Naree’s farm for me. There were six grilled natural catfish with chilies paste. It is the best and unforgettable meal for me.

After lunch, I and Kai went to a small chicken farm in neighborhood area. This chicken farm is a partner of Naree’s farm. They try to change their chicken from conventional chicken to natural chicken as same as Naree’s farm does. Thus, Kai has to come to this farm every week for weighing chickens.

Bangkok, July 2017

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