Written by: Truong Hong Suong, Delta Youth Alliance, Vietnam

As we know the food provides the energy for us to service. We eat food every day but are you concern about how safe of your food to your health? I believe that when you know exactly how the vegetable be planted you will love the nature more and respect the safety food.

Normally we do not care about where the food come from and how do the farmers grow it. We have money and we approach the market or supermarket and take anything you want. But Is it totally good or we just uses that because we have no other choice of safety food? The farmers they use the fertilizers on their farm because it is the easy way to protect the farm by the insect and make the food grow up strongly. Day by day, year by year the people depend on the fertilizer and chemical when they do farm. Everybody use that on their farm and they lost their natural way to do farm as before that without chemical. Now a day the people in my community they are living with unsafe food. Every weekend I was seeing many people on the publish bus to go to the hospital to check their health. There have a lot of people who are concern about their health. I wonder why we do not have the solution for that with the safety food in our community. The unsafe food will destroy our body with varied kind of cancers. Eat healthy, we can avoid the diseases. If you really love your family, you will think like me as how can I do for my family health with safety food every day. That idea is still dancing on my mind every day and I am still thinking about how I can do something that is not only for my family but also for my community to protect our health from the unsafe food.

My idea is become stronger when I am touching the Y-Farm. The Y-farm has the vision to engage the youth to do organic farm. I recognize that it is really match up to my concerns. And the discussion day with Y-Farm young generation was inspiring me too much about organic ideas. They are come from different countries around Mekong region and they are young farmers. We shared how to do farm, how i can start with the small thing to make my wish come true. Before I never think that I am dare to become a famer, because I am scare many things. Everybody in my relative they are expecting that after I graduated from University I will work for famous organization or big company to make a stable life. I feel very difficult when I have ideas to against that expectation I worried that how can I facing with them with those of question as: what do I do now? What is the name of the company that I am working for? How is the salary high? And lah lah.. A long time, I did not go back my home because of those questions. I spent time in other city to earn money as much as I can. I did not care what kind of job, I just thought that I need money and I can do anything as well as I can get money. I did many jobs as: learner, waitress, bartender… And I used very few money from all of money that I get to save for my family. I went to the “2000 rice store” to eat every day. It is a donation rice store in Can Tho city that you can have one big meal with only 2000 Vietnam dong. I fell very thankful when I know that place. It is very nice for the poor student like me. And from that experience I have different opinion about food. After I paid all the dept for my family, I proved with my family that I can do every good thing for them but do not force to do any job that I do not want to do. I can live very well without precious work. If they need money I can find money for them by my way. I can sell the product to support my family. I keep that business to make stable income for them. Now I do not care how the people look at me. Believe me, the judgment is just the judgment. No one can live your live. It is your life only. Control your fear and do what you want to do and become the one who you want to become.

From the value knowledge of Y-Farm I want to do organic farm in my community. I want to develop my ideas and make my dream come true. I exchange my time to the value for community. Protect our health from safety food is the main vision of my dream. I know that it is not easy to make community respect organic food and change their way to do farm without chemical. But one day the people will understand what I am doing.

Can Tho, July 2017

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