Y-Famers On Board

Written by: Leakhena Saroeurn, Cambodian Participant

“Every first step is always excited, worried, wonderful, and unforgettable.

Y-Farm taught me how to be myself.

The thing I thought I cannot do it, finally I did it. Believe yourself, Y-farm always with you”.

We are all three from differences countries (Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Thailand). We were woken up at 4 am to the bus station and airport to departure. Me (Leakhena) I supposed to arrived Ho Chi Minh city at 11 am, but I arrived before my friends from Lao, PDR, and Thailand. When I arrived the Ho Chi Minh city bus station, I walked and figure out the Futa Bus from Ho Chi Minh city to Chan Tho city. I just had very blur mapping and walking. I was worried that did I found the Futa bus or not. I was standing in front of the Futa company for 5 min because I thought that it was a bus station and actually it was a company. Then, I enter to the company and called to the Y-Farm Coordinator called “Dang” to help me to buy the ticket.

During I was waiting for my friends, I went to buy lunch, I spoke in English. No one understands then I spoke the Khmer language. Many people could understand. And I do not now where I just want to sit at the coffee table along the road to wait for my friends. Luckily, I met the grandma who could speak Khmer a lot. She told me to take care of my hand back and my value things.

Then, I heard Taxi driver ask grandma about Futa, I thought that maybe my friends, so I just looked at to the taxi and called them to go with me. They seem so happy because the taxi could not find the Futa bus station, and they were worried about me because I am alone. We were walked into the restaurant to have lunch; it was easy that the seller could understand about the Khmer language. After that, we went to the Futa company and were asked to change the time for departure. I did agree and we were departed at 12:00 pm.

Arrived the bus station, there was a hundred of the bus and we could not find our bus number. We have seen the bus departure to the Chan Tho, but the driver said we had to wait until 13:00 pm. After that the driver called to ask us to go that bus, we very confused. We were very surprised that seat bus is sleep. This is the first time for us to rid that kind of the bus. it was a good time to sleep, because of the rain along the way. After 2 hours and 30 min at the bus stop station and after we back from the bathroom. We lost the bus, we did not see our bus. we did not know where to do and Mee from Lao PDR, she went to the information center and ask about that bus number. Finally, we found it. Oh, we almost lost the bus.

Arrived Chan Tho city at 17:45 pm, we met many four Vietnamese friends and talked a little to know each other and we went to have dinner at the traditional food of Can Tho. It was so delicious. Then, we walked and talked along the Mekong river at that area Called MEKONG DELTA. And we had the coffee with the small table and chair. It was traditional coffee and Mee (from Lao) had a question; why Vietnamese people drink coffee at night time. Mr. Dang said this is our tradition.

Finally, there was a first trip to the first country. It was so awesome; we looked as the local people. The bus driver so nice. He took care of us. I love Y-Farm, I want to go there again.

Phnom Penh, Aug 2017

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