Written by: Leakhena Saroeurn, Cambodia Participant



Y-farmer, Leakhena, Cambodia

It was storm raining the day we arrived Soc Trang district. It was so perfect, the weather very cool after the rain the nature color along the road form Chan Tho to Soc Trang so awesome. The local was ridden boat to harvest their rice and too many small canals at the farm. They could have ridden the boat to collect their agriculture products and selling along the road and to the market.

It was the perfect landscape, I thought that I was in the dream. Only one and a half out I arrived the homestay at Soc Trang. After we had lunch and take a bit rest, we went to see the local people doing farm. I cannot forget the wonderful scenery along the road. There are a lot of farms. The local people did not grow the same type of the vegetables, some part was growing rice, another part was a vegetable and many kinds of the vegetable. They were selling to the middleman to the market. They did not go by themselves. I had met one of aunty, Khmer indigenous people at Mekong delta, Vietnam called “Khmer Krom”. I can be able to communicate with them in my own language. She told me about the how to grow the vegetable and why she did not use the organic compost. The cost of a worker is very expensive. She cannot afford the expense if she is using the organic fertilizer very expensive as she cannot be able to do by herself. She mentioned that:

I know organic food is very healthy and important for my health and my family. I know only the manure from the cow/buffalo to make compost, I have no any idea to make the organic compost buy cheap price and useful for my vegetable.  That`s why I decide to you chemical in my farm. It is not only me. If I have got the training the how to make compost, I would pilot at my farm for an organic vegetable.”

During the discussion, local young men just graduated from the high school. He did not know where he wants to study at the university. He could not speak English, he reported that in Vietnam the most important for the economy is agriculture productions. He said:

I do not like the vegetable using the chemical fertilizer. It will have affected to health, I was worried about my family that producing and eating the non-organic vegetable. I do not know how should I do to grow the organic vegetable.”

He has a commitment that he will go to study the agriculture technique at Chan Tho university and coming back to grow the organic vegetable and share his knowledge with other villagers.

Y-farm intern visits the local farm at Soc Trang district

I am so proud of him and so happy to hear from the aunty about the organic vegetable. They want to grow the organic vegetable, but they do not know about the make the compost fertilizers. The cost to produce the organic vegetable is so expensive. This is the thing that we should consider, what should we do for the Y-farm to promote the organic vegetable for sustainable future.

Phnom Penh, Aug 2017


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