The Belief and The Trust: Experience from Y-Farm Trip to Vietnam


“I believe that the young generation can change our challenges!”

Y-Farm open my mind to explore the world to know more knowledge on technical in farming increasing networking to exchange opportunities. The first that I learned from the trip is cultural exchange, the second is local knowledge transfer to generation and the third is the relationship.

I am at second from the right, we visited the wind farm in Bac Lieu Province. Photo by
Dang, 2017

When I spoke with my friend Leakhena (Cambodia), ToTo (Thailand) and youth from Vietnam, I know more to develop my self all of them inspired me to encourage what I dreaming, I just start and do from the small thing. I start on farming to grow some vegetable and fruit what my family and I eat in the small garden in my house (and really excited to growing the new seed from Toto) and talking more with communities how to growing the vegetable in each season and before gardening.

Cooking dinner and exchanging the Mekong Food in host family in Soc Trang, photo by
Dang, 2017.

I miss the host family that we spend the time in Soc Trang, we were cooking food by using vegetable nearby house like a flower, it makes amazing food for us. At that time when we are in the kitchen, we cooked for dinner, the fun thing come to us such as I use the banana flower another one use banana leaf and fresh banana look we can merge culture. Vietnam baby girl Nha Quyen, she always guide and present her communities do warming host making entertainment singing a song after dinner early morning in the day before we leave we have the special gust to planning some seed of vegetable and cons in the small garden in the house the same girl who entertain in house” Ngown Wing”, she never do like these and before now look she enjoy and love gardening already.

Back to Can Tho, It is exciting to meet youth in Can Tho University, we visited the eco-tourism garden and played game to teach us how importance to living together with nature it’s really fun and enjoyable. Once again I really love to talking with university students, they are interested on farming to develop organic farm system in they home town. Sharing the idea how to develop and promote the local knowledge to protect the climate change adaptation in the present to the future. From the filed trip, I can see and get more power of new blood who is working for sustainable agriculture I have a feeling that something can change in the near future. When I talk with the high school guy who is preparing to study in Can Tho University, he majors in agriculture studies and when I ask him “why do you want to study about agriculture?”. He answers that I am interested in organic farming and I would like to change the perspective in my community which the local people mostly use pesticide and fertilisers to cultivate vegetable and other agricultural production. Therefore, I believe that the next generation can change our challenges!

Vientiane, Aug 2017

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