First time with Youth in Mekong – Ting

My name is Ting and I come from Hatchanh Village, Ngoi District, Luang Phrabang Province, Northern of Lao PDR. I am a farmer in the community, member of Green Laos Volunteer Community. I am Khmu Indigenous People and I am happy to live as farmer in my community, with my people and our culture.

I first know Y-Farm when two of our group, Dawn and Noud organised youth training and field trip for youth in our community, we learnt how do local people grow food for their own consumptions in the village and protect forest around the communities. In our
culture, food is very important and we dont use pesticide or fertiliser to make the crop growing, we just do it naturally.

Noud noticed me that there is Y-Farm Camp in Vientiane on Farm Philosophy which is organised by Mekong Youth Farm Network, I concern my English, so I am worry about this. But, the organisers mentioned that English is not really important, then I try to apply the Camp. This is first time for me to participate this kind of workshop, event which are participated many people, different nations, ethnicity groups, gender and races. I am curious and excited to learn more about farming systems in Vietnam,
Cambodia, Burma and Thailand during the camp. I would like to share my experience to do food forest practice at my garden, in Hatching Village.

My home is far, I have to walk, take boat, local bus, then another bus in order to arrive Vientiane City where I wish to come and visit. Thank you Y-Farm and thank you organisers to give me this opportunity.

Hatching Village, Ngoi District,
Luang Phrabang
Lao PDR.

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