Short Story of Mr. Aung Kyaw Tint

Being research of some information which provided by Y-Farm, Aung Kyaw Tint, I appreciate him so much for his contribution volunteering work to help his community and society. He was born in 16 June 1985, Myanmar, and he also be a part of Green Rights Organization.

Anyway, I think he works so hard, and also do presentation about 10 minutes and what he has done for Y-Farm project about training and planning plants as well as avocado and what Y-Farm need.

After finished Farm Philosophy, Y-Farm Camp, Lao, he will bring what he learn to share, practice and looking for space for apply more in his NGO. I hope that he will success working with his work to improve the quality of organic farm for his community.

Prepared by MOEU CHANDARA, Cambodian Team

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