Short Story of Mr. Aung Myo Tun

Aung Kyaw Tint, working as volunteer partnership with Green Right Community, Taunggyi, Shan State, Burma, Myanmar. His contribution is the good intention for helping his country and community to be better start using organic.

By the way, he will doing by best during Y-Farm camp for doing the relevant projects and works as well as present the project with Y-Farm, our organic farming school activity and our future plan. Anyway, Mr.Aung Kyaw Tint will travel with him from Myama to Vientiane, Lao PDR We are working in the same project of Y-Farm.

After finished Farm Philosophy, Y-Farm Camp, Lao, he willing to contribute as much as he could to work effective and organic farm for his community.

Prepared by MOEU CHANDARA, Cambodian Team

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