GROW LIVE LEARN: An Ecological Farm Lab

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Starting 15th June – 4th September 2018

at Mekong Nomad Organic Farm, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

In the fast changing, our modern world, our lives seem to be so convenient for us. Sometimes, this makes us have forgotten about simple way of living like growing food, cooking, natural healing. How can we live our lives reconnecting to the Mother Nature and Mother Earth to be more happily more sustainably?
Before all of us moving forwards to the future ahead, I am excitedly going to open my farm to be “an ecological farm lab” and I’d like to invite everyone who is passionate about farming as a way of life to join me.
The project is a practical natural farming experiment for everyone, you will be living simply on a 6.5 acre farm (a farm of my family), learning to grow your own food and sharing and living together with other friends like brothers and sisters.
1. Self-discovery
Through farming way of life and our collaborative activities, you will be learning to (re) discover yourself, your passions, you potentials and to redirect your goal of life.
2. Natural farming
You will be learning to experiment different methods of natural farming like permaculture, Fukuoka’s natural farming, Biodynamic farm and so on. Farming will teach you about the soil, the sky, the weather, and you will understand vegetables, plants, tree and insect. There is no teachers to teach you, but we have book and you can do your own research and choose practice the way you prefer.
3. Self-reliance
Living on a farm, you will learn to be more self-reliance like grow your own food and cooking.
4. Zero waste practice
We will practice zero waste by reduce using plastic bags so that we can be friendly to the nature and the environment around us.
5. Natural healing
When you are sick, you will be learning to heal yourself through natural healing.
6. Cross-cultural learning
In each different course, you will be living and learning with other learners from another country other than Thais. So, you will be learning to understand and respect other peoples’ culture.

Mekong Nomad Organic Farm is located in Si Muang Mai, which is a small district of Ubon Ratchathani Province in Northeast Thailand as known as Isaan region. So, your learning environment will be in Isaan context ecologically, culturally and socially. Apart from our farm, you will be also having a chance to visit the farm of our young farmer network (Isaan Yfarm),
which is not far from our farm.

Thai, English, Lao (or Isaan idalect) are our working language on the farm.
We will do farm work 3-4 hours per day. And the rest of the time will be for practicing English, reading, cooking, movie screening, photography, artwork, sharing experience, reflection time and relaxing. We have day off only on Sunday. Schedule is not fixed, but flexible depending the situation!
Collaborative learning, co-creation and design thinking are the keys of our learning process in this ecological farm lab project. Each activity will be learner-centered, discussion, planning, decision-making, prototyping, sharing and self and group reflection and bring out possible solutions.
Participants will be staying at the house in our farm (a very simple bed with mosquito net in an open space) or at the open space building in the farm area. We have 4 toilets outside the house. Every day, we will cook food by ourselves. We have rice in the barn, chicken in the pen, fish in the pond, and vegetables from our garden. We live and eat simple.
– Person who are at least 18 year old
– Open-minded to learn new things and be flexible
– Those who are passionate about natural farming
– Willing to get your hand dirty and real pratical farmwork
– Those who return home from the big city and want to get new ideas and make connections with
young farmers
– Students who take gap year, are pursuing their dreams and trying to discover their potentials
– Homeschooling students who design their own curriculums
– Office people who want take a break from work and are looking for new inspirations.
For the most effective learning, a participant should be staying at least one or two weeks.
5 persons as a time

Netting or Jaruwan Supolrai (me), I am the main facilitator of this learning process through this project. I have had experience in facilitating a regional learning process for the young people. I have closely worked with young people from across the Mekong countries through the project of the Collaboration for the Young Generation in the Mekong Region under Thai Volunteer Service
Foundation for 7 years. After I resigned from my full time work, I set off a solo journey traveling to 5 Mekong countries; Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand for 5 months, under the project called “Mekong Nomad”. And I got a chance to be one of the honour speaks at TEDxBangkok2016 on the topic “Humanity is Borderless”. And other facilitators will be the local villagers in community and our farmer friends from Isaan Yfarm Network. You can learn more about what we are doing in our farm at this TV documentary (sorry it is in Thai only) at

This project recieves no funding from any organisation or individuals. It is from my own passion, initiated by me as a owner of the Mekong Nomad Organic Farm. So, we would like to request participants to contribute for food cost, running water, electricity, Wi-fi and other facilities on the farm during your stay here. The amount of contribution depends on the numbers of the days that you stay.
– One week, you are requested to pay 200 baht per day (in toal 1,400 baht)
– Two weeks, you are requested to pay 150 baht per day (in total 2,100 baht)
– Three weeks, you are requested to pay 100 baht per day (in total 2,100 baht)
– Four weeks, you are requested to pay 60 baht (in total 1,800 baht)
– Two to three month, you are requested to pay 50 baht per day
(for those who have low budget)
For those low budget people like student or very low budget travelers, you can apply for a scholarship to reduce the fee. You can email to [email protected] to request for the scholarship (introduce who you are, why you are interested in this project and reason you can’t pay full cost).
1st Batch: 15-29 June 2018, deadline is 10 June
2nd Batch: 2-16 July 2018, deadline is 28 June
3rd Batch: 19 July – 2 August, deadline 14 July
4th Batch: 5 – 19 August, deadline 30 July
5th Batch: 21 August – 4 September, deadline 31 August
Go to
If you already submit the application form, please inbox to inform us at
For more information about this project, please contact (+66) 810722714 or email to [email protected] or inbox to our Facebook page at Mekong Nomad Organic Farm ( PS – For those who I just tagged you, I am sorry if this distribute you. I wanted to share if you or your networks of your friend might be interested in. Feel free to remove the tag if you want to 🙂

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