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Y-Farm Camp 2017- Day 2

December 5, 2017 @ 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Y-Farm Camp objectives

The workshop will bring young and local farmers as well as partners lower Mekong Countries in order: to present and share the farming system’s perspectives which relate to education farm, organic farm, school farm, local farmer’s farm and so on; to exchange the youth training on farming system: education farm and organic farm from partners; to build relationship among farms and youth groups; and to make action plans in each farms, youth group on farm and Y-Farm’s on farming

Course agenda and methodology

We will work into three main parts in order to let the participants learning, experiencing and exchange each others:

(i) Farm philosophy

On this part, we will look at the theories and related studies/cases as we will arrange some experts, pro- fessors and consultants to present some topics which relate to farm philosophy. On the other hands, local farmers and youth who own the farm are also presenters on this parts, they will share about their farm activities which relate to many issues such as water, land/soil, fauna and flora (main crops and main livestocks), ecosystem and so on on their farm. It can see that the theories can be related to real practices and each of them will learn each others.

(ii) Farm/ Agriculture and development issues

Some issues will present here in order to link the farming/ agriculture sectors to those issues, such as, climate change, water resources, land management and soil sciences, biodiversity and ecosystem, gen-der, local knowledge and policies.

(iii) Practical, local experiences and action plan

We will bring the participants to visit real practices (organic farm in the communities) and community bases tourism project (agricultural tourism project). They will learn from local people and then they can think their perspectives into their cases.

The participant will do action plan for themselves (their farm or their group) and Y-Farm’s action plan can be linked all of their plans as well as own’s action plan in the region in order to build strong net-work.

On the way of organising the camp, we will arrange small group discussion, small group presentation, comprehensive presentation and field trip. Those can be our main methodology to the workshop/ camp.

Short-term expected outcomes

During the camp/workshop, each small group/individual will do action plan for their farms, group, so we expect that they will apply for what their learns during the camp, the short -term expectation from 6 months to one year will be the models and real practices from the camp after going home.

Long-term expected outcomes

Y-Farm would connect and build relationship among young farmers and young generation who are working/focusing on teaching farm and organic farm in Mekong Region Countries, so the long term ex-pectation outcomes for us is that Y-Farm is weather and bigger in the Mekong and ASEAN on sustain-able development.

Method of evaluation

Y-Farm has prepared the surveys, we will do it after the camp for each participants, it can be our method of evaluations on this workshop. Therefore, please help us to work on the surveys and return us for final report and future improvement.

2017 Y-Farm Program

In 2017, we established a Y-Farm Project through 5 lower Mekong countries: Burma/Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Three main activities are being implemented in seven different com-munities: training courses for the younger generation, farm improvement for young farmers and youth, and youth exchanges on farming and sustainable agriculture. This is the first initiative in the Mekong that targets youth for training in organic and educational farming, as well as sustainable development and agriculture tourism. In regards to the training courses, so far Y-Farm has supported seven different groups, or 255 individual youth participants. They are all from different communities and their ages range significantly from chil-dren to teenagers. They learn about food in the forests, farm philosophy, the value of the food, soil pro-tection and are given local knowledge of these issues.

For the farm improvement, seven farms are connected to Y-Farm’s network, with each having different visions of food production. A common theme is establishing organic food production. Six of the seven farms are designed to be used for teaching but also organic food production, with the total area for seven farm sitting at 13.9 hectares.

Some members have had exchanges in other countries: to Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, to learn, ex-change and practice within different farming systems. Additionally, they learn about the culture and lo-cal people’s knowledge on the youth exchange with farming and sustainable agriculture. The trips not only train and educate them about farming and agricultural systems in each country, but also connect them on a deeper level, fostering trust and peace among countries in the region. Some become Y-Farm
members because they would like to contribute to the future of sustainable agriculture in the Mekong.

We are maintaining our momentum so far this year to work on a Y-Farm Camp in Lao PDR. We will bring 30 members of the younger generation from five lower countries in the Mekong together to share knowledge, learn each other, explore different cultures, and build an action plan for Y-Farm in 2018.

Y-Farm Camp Schedule

Day 2: 5/12/2017

8:00 am-12:00 pm  Visiting and learning the farm models and outlet, Phommalok farm  Facilitator:Hong and Mee
 Marketing for Agriculture  Ms. Suong
Phommalok farm

 12:00-13:00 pm

 Lunch timeCanteen of University (self dinner, it is given by Y-Farm to each participant)
 13:00- 15:00 pm  Visiting and learning the farm models and farm outlet, Phanyanivet farm  Ms. Hongnapha
 YEM III: Youth Engagement in the Mekong Delta: A field trip to Dong Thap Province.  Mr. Hai, Ms. Huong and Mr. Huy
15:00 – 17:00 pm  Culture tour in Vientiane Captial  Ms. Hongnapha
Alone Mekong riv-
er, walking street18:00- 20:00 pm
Group dinner by Y-Farm


December 5, 2017
8:00 am - 8:00 pm


Phommalok farm
Lao People's Democratic Republic