Relating to this framework, Y-Farm Network bases on our members in order to share relevant topics on each dimension:

The Organisers/Participants


Ly Quoc Dang
Founder and Coordinator: Y-Farm

Co-Founder: Delta Youth Alliance, Researcher at Can Tho University; PhD Candidate at Chiang Mai University, Vietnam.

Truong Hong Suong
Y-Farm Management

Co-Founder of Delta Youth Alliance Vietnam

Le Thanh Tung
Y Farm Project Manager Media & Digital

Founder: Adtado DigitalHub – Digital Marketing Agency, Vietnam

Tran Anh Duy
Y-Farm’s Financial and accoutant

 Student at Can Tho University, Vietnam.


Erik Mulder
Principal Marketing Manager and Cycling Enthusiast California, USA

Tanya Promburom
PhD Candidate at Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Namthipkesone Bouttasing
Green Community Volunteers, Lao PDR

Jaruwan Supolrai
Mekong Nomad Organic Farm/ Isaan Y-Farm Network, Thailand

Anocha Parameesak
Baan Suan Suk Jai Organic Farm, Lamphun, Thailand

Leakhena Saroeurn
Mekong Youth Farm Network, Cambodia

Bunmi Charikhruea
Ban Rai Thin Bun Farm, Isaan Y-Farm Network, Thailand

Karatchanok Hutapaed
Grandpa Urban Farm, Bangkok, Thailand

The Presenters/Speakers

Topics and Lessons


Submitting application form: Aug 25th- Sept 24th, 2019

Reviewing the applicants: Sept 25th- Oct 10th, 2019
Notifying the successful candidates from application form: Oct 11st- 15th, 2019

The 2nd Y-Farm Camp: Dec 15th-19th, 2019

Note: Y-Farm will arrange transportation for participants from Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho City to Sa Dec City on Dec 15th, 2019 and on Dec 20th, 2019 from Can Tho City to Ho Chi Minh City.


The Schedule of 2nd Y-Farm Camp

Y-Farm Biking Tour

The Y-Farm’s Grants

The Y-Farm Camp opens the scholarships (full or spatial) for everyone in Lower Mekong Countries.

Please note that Y-Farm encourages anyone who can contribute some budget for your travel from your home countries to Can Tho City, e.g. buses; train; and/or airfares. Normally, the scholarship covers air/bus/train tickets from your home countries to Can Tho City, meal for four days (16-19 of December), accommodation for 5 nights/shared room (15-19 of December), insurance for 6 days, local transportation, T- Shirt, and other tools/equipment during Y-Farm Camp including documents, photocopy,etc.

Eligible for Scholarships: Y-Farm is not strict on ages, English Skills, and professional experiences, etc. Y-Farm is very much encouraged someone who works on sustainable farming, real young farmers, youth engagement and volunteerism on development, etc. Or, someone who owns small scale of sustainable farming and passionate to work on this issue with other youth, community and children. We would love to offer someone who is real young farmers, youth and students who engage on agri-ecology issues in their communities and countries. The applicants from ethnicity/indigenous group in remote areas, women, and senior students, are encouraged to apply for the scholarships. If you cannot work well in English language on form, please ask someone to help or you can do it in your own languages, we appreciate that.

The total participants of this Y-Farm Camp will be around 25 people who come from different age, ethnicity, gender, background, location, field, etc. Actually, Y-Farm prefers someone who works on our related issues in order to build our knowledges on sustainable agriculture together. Y-Farm specifies number of participants each country: 04 for Lao PDR, 04 for Myanmar, 05 for Cambodia, 05 for Thailand, and 09 for Vietnam. Please note that Y-Farm does not accept two participants from each group/organisation/team (exception in very special cases).

In Myanmar, Y-Farm will accept your air tickets from Yangoon and Mandalay Cities. In Lao PDR, Y-Farm will accept your air tickets from Vientiane and Luang Phrabang Cities. In Thailand, Y-Farm will accept your tickets from Chiang Mai and Bangkok Cities. In Cambodia, Y-Farm will accept bus tickets from Phnom Penh City to Can Tho or Ho Chi Minh Cities. In Vietnam, Y-Farm will accept buses tickets around the Mekong Delta, Ho Chi Minh City and Highland of Vietnam. For applicants from Central and the North of Vietnam, the air tickets are accepted to travel to Can Tho or Ho Chi Minh City. You have to contribute your own fee (ticket and hotel) during traveling from your place to those

There is other scholarships (Travel Grant) which focus similar Y-Farm’s works: The SEARCA Travel Grant, Deadline September 7th, 2019 (more information: )
The Childsream Foundation (Email: [email protected] )

Or, you can search from google about Travel Grant for Workshop, Conference, Field Trip, etc. There are some places that provide funding for this kind of activity. The 2nd Y- Farm Camp will be pleasure to provide more detail and relevant documents if you need from our team.

Visited Farms, Hotels, Homestay, FarmStays, Communities and Cities

Tam Viet Farm and Farmstay

Tam Viet Farm is located in Thuong Hamlet, Thuong Thoi Tien, Hong Ngu District, Dong Thap Province, South West of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. This location is very closed to Cambodia Border and to the Mekong River (Tien River). This farm is developed by local youth who is passionated to protect people health, Mr. Vo Van Tieng. He started his farm with 2 ha last 2017, the area is increased significantly to 40 ha this year 2019. Moreover, he and his team have been planning for another 70 ha in Long An

Province (the Mekong Delta). Most of product in his farm is rice, he would like to cultivate this agriculture system which is natural based that can control insect and use eco-fertilised by applying ducks, dogs, cows, and fish.

Each Op Farm

Each Op Farm is located in Long Xuyen City, An Giang Province. This farm applies the natural based farming system to the functions of producing and doing business different vegetable in the South of Vietnam; tourism; learning and education tour and training to the community. This farm is local initiative from Mr. Truong Thanh Dat, he is youth from another district in the province. The size of this farm is 12,000 square meters and he would love to extend in the future.

Mekong Nursery of Local Species

Mekong Nursery of Local Species is Youth Initiative that creates/builds by youth in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, some youth are involved and we come from different backgrounds, locations, ages as well as academic fields. Most of us are interested in working with youth, local people and community development.

Mekong Nursery of Local Species is a non-profit community in Can Tho, Vietnam. They are researchers, students, and farmers, creating nature-inspired farming with our neighbours and environment. They bring professional farming and garden/farm design of various disciplines together with folk members for the goal of shared creative expression. The exchange of ideas enhances the enjoyment of public space for everyone, and contributes to a connection with nature in the urban environment. The nursery of local species size is around 1,200 square meters, we have done first phase that covers more than 12 bean species, 20 herbal plants, 10 veggies species, 4 species of fruits, and 15 species of flowers. Many species are no name, we still cant name due to limiting our knowledge and information. We have gathered more 50 youth and 12 local people to work and participate our space. Next phase, our team plans to set up models: solar power, rain water’s saving and re-using system, water treatment system, kid farm space, resting and education space.

Hoa Ech FarmStay

This farmstay is located next to Mekong River (Hau or Bassac River) in Sa Dec City of Dong Thap Province. Ếch in Vietnamese means Frog and Hoa in Vietnamese means Flowers, this farmstay names in this location because the owner plants flowers and feeds frogs in their garden/farms. Number of thousand families plant flowers in their farms and this activity is main their livelihood for hundred years in the city. The villagers plants different kinds of flowers, especially tropical ones in Vietnam. His farmstay is nice place for everyone while you would like to visit the Mekong Delta in order to explore local people’s lives and local culture. Mr. Hung and Ms. Trang are owners, local youth in the community, they offer many local people to work on his farm and they try to set up alternative energy at his farm in order to contribute into climate change mitigation to our society.

Doan 30 Hotel - 80A, Nguyen Trai Street, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City (84-2923- 823-623)

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Can Tho City

Can Tho City is located in the centre of the Mekong Delta, Southern Part of Vietnam. Many interesting areas in the city where the visitors should visit during staying including the Cai Rang Floating Market; Bang Lang’s Stork Garden; Fruit Orchage in Phong Dien District; Binh Thuy Old House; and some temples around the city. This city is setting up to become centre for education, economic, culture and political roles in the Mekong Delta.

Donors and Supports

The Samdhana Institute (Southeast Asia)

The Eastern Vision/ GLO Travel (Hong Kong)

        Erik Mulder (California, USA)

If you would like to donate/support us, please contact us via [email protected] because we would like to support more local youth and young farmers through Mekong Communities to participate this event. You can make Western Union to us by following our accountant information: Tran Anh Duy (165/6, 30 Thang 4 Street, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City, Vietnam)

Contacts and Other Information

Ly Quoc Dang, Coordinator, email: [email protected]/ Phone: +84-971-597-251

Truong Hong Suong, Management, email:  [email protected]/ Phone: +84-972-385-920

Le Thanh Tung, Media Support, Adtado Vietnam, email: [email protected] 

Tran Anh Duy, Financial/Receipts/Travel/Insurance, email: [email protected]    

General Inquiry and Information, email: [email protected]/ [email protected]